WCSX DEEP TRAX Online HD Rock Station- Detroit, MI
*WFIV- Knoxville, TN- www.myi105.com Request Line: 865-777-4105 FACEBOOK: i105 WFIV TWITTER: @i105
*KAXE- Grand Rapids, MN- www.kaxe.org Email Requests: Comments@ kaxe.org or Call: 218-999-9876
FACEBOOK: KAXE Northern Community Radio TWITTER: @KAXE
*WYCE- Grand Rapids, MI - www.WYCE.org Request Online Via Website or Call: 616-742-9923 FACEBOOK: WYCE TWITTER: @WYCEradio
*KRVM - Eugene, OR- www.KRVM.org Email: Women in Music Show by Lenet (lenetg@q.com) or Call: 541-790-5786 (KRVM) or 1-800-285-2895 FACEBOOK: KRVM 91.9FM- Public Radio in Eugene, OR, USA
Wucx-FM Electic Chair 90.1 htp://www.RadioChair.blogspot.com
*KDBB- Park Hills, MO- http://www.b104fm.com/ Request Online: http://test.b104fm.com/contact-us/ or Call: 573-431-1000 FACEBOOK: B104 Twitter: @B104FM
*WQLT- Tallahassee, FL - http://www.q1061.fm/ Office 850-386-8004 FACEBOOK: 1061ThePath
*WERU - East Orland, ME - https://weru.org/  Email: info@weru.org or Call Studio Line: Studio 207-469-0500 FACEBOOK: Community Radio WERU 89.9 FM TWITTER: @WERUFM
*KDEC FM- Decorah, IA- http://kdecradio.com Email Request: kdec@kdecradio.com or Call Request Line: 563-382-1005 FACEBOOK: KDEC FM 100.5
*Radio Free Americana - ://www.RadioFreeAmericana.com Email: DJ@RadioFreeAmericana.com FACEBOOK: RadioFreeAmericana
WDET- www.WDET.org Rob Reinhart's Essential Music FACEBOOK: Rob Reinhart's Essential Music
KDHX - St. Louis, MO - www.KDHX.org Email Requests: http://answers.kdhx.org/customer/portal/emails/new or Call: 314-664-3688
WHFC - Bel Air, MD - http://www.whfc911.org/  Studio Lines: 443-412-2305 or 443-412-2411 General Email: whfc@harford.edu FACEBOOK: 91.1 FM WHFC
KVNF - Paonia, CO - www.KVNF.org Studio Line: 970-527-4868
FACEBOOK: KVNF Mountain Grown Public Radio TWITTER: @KVNFradio
KDNK- Carbondale, CO- www.KDNK.org Studio Line: 970-963-2976 or Email: http://www.kdnk.org/contact.cfm 
WDIY - Bethlehem, PA - www.WDIY.org General Email: info@wdiy.org or Call: 610.694.8100 ext:4 FACEBOOK: WDIY 88.1 Lehigh Valley Community Public Radio TWITTER: @WDIYFM
KNBA- Anchorage, AK- http://knba.org/ Request Line: 907-279-KNBA (5622) l Toll Free: 888-278-KNBA (5622) Email: feedback@knba.org
KXCI- Tucson, AZ- www.KXCI.org Request Line: 520.622.5924
Online Form: http://www.mycontactform.com/hosted/form.php?formid=126425 FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @greatmusic
WMNF- Tampa, FL - www.WMNF.org Email Requests: dj@wmnf.org or Call 813.239-9663 FACEBOOK: WMNF Community Radio TWITTER: @WMNF
KFAN- Fredericksburg, TX- www.knafam.com/KFAN Email: txradio@texasrebelradio.com
WDET- www.WDET.org Rob Reinhart's Essential Music Email Requests: rreinhart@wdet.org FACEBOOK: Rob Reinhart's Essential Music (or try Ann Delisi's Essential Music Email: adelisi@wdet.org)
Women of Substance- http://www.wosradio.com/ ** We are being played here on the BLUES show every Friday 5-6 p.m. EST and on the AMERICANA show every Monday 6-7 p.m. EST! We made the TOP 10 SONGS with "You Should Have Told Me"! Listen Here: http://www.live365.com/index.live FACEBOOK: Women of Substance Radio
LIVE 365 "ON THE ROCKS" - www.Live365.com
LoudCity Radio Network- http://www.loudcity.com/people/msdawn420
KPFT - Houston, TX - www.KPFT.org NO REQUESTS
** We have a list of other stations who have our new CD! Contact me if you would like to know if any of these stations are near you!

* WDET 101.9 FM Ann Delisi's Essential Music - Detroit, MI      www.WDET.org

* WDET 101.9 FM  Rob Reinhart's Essential Music- Detroit, MI  www.WDET.org

* RADIO FREE AMERICANA                              www.RadioFreeAmericana.com

* KDEC 100.5 FM - Decorah, IA                          www.KDECRadio.com

* KPND 95.3 FM- Sand Point, ID                        www.953KPND.com

* KRVM 91.9 FM - Eugene, OR                            www.KRVM.org

* WBSD 89.1 FM - Burlington, WI                        www.WBSDFM.org

* The Globe 91.1 FM-  Goshen, IN                      www.GlobeRadio.org

* WMVY 92.7FM - Martha's Vineyard, MA           www.MVYRadio.com

* WHFC 91.1 FM - Bel Air, MD                              www.WHFC911.org

* KPFT 90.1 FM- Houston, TX                               www.KPFT.org


* KDNK 88.1 FM - Carbondale, CO                www.KDNK.org

* KVNF 90.9 FM-  Paonia, CO                       www.KVNF.org


* WERU 89.9 FM - East Orland, ME               www.WERU.org

* KAXE 91.7 FM-  Grand Rapids, MN             www.KAXE.org


* KDHX 88.1 FM - St. Louis, MO                    www.KDHX.org


* KBOO 90.7 FM -  Portland, OR                   www.KBOO.org


* KVMR 89.5 FM - Nevada City, CA               www.KVMR.org


* KKCR 90.9, 91.9, 92.7 FM- Hanalei, HI      www.KKCR.org


* KSUT 91.3 FM - Ignacio, CO                       www.KSUT.org


* WMNF 88.5 FM- Tampa, FL                         www.WMNF.org


* KYSM 90.1 FM- San Antonio, TX                www.alamo.edu/sac/KSYM/index.htm


* WHRV 89.5 FM- Norfolk, VA       www.WHRV.org/home/publicradio/WHRV/localprogramming/outbox


* KXCI 91.3 FM- Tucson, AZ                     www.KXCI.org


* Women of Substance Radio                 www.WomenofSubstanceRadio.com


* WRRW 102.5 FM -  Williamsburg, VA:  Sarah Swanson Artist Page Added www.WRRW.org


 * CJAM 99.1 FM- Windsor, Canada/Detroit, MI

* WHFR.FM 88.3 FM- Dearborn, MI          www.WHFR.FM


* WYCE 88.1 FM- Grand Rapids, MI         www.WYCE.org


* WKLT 97.5 FM- Traverse City, MI          www.WKLT.com



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